A county judge and his power?

If you have been keeping up at all on what is going on in Burns, OR with the Hammonds,


USA Constitution Parchment

USA Constitution Parchment


the Bundy brothers out at the Malheur Refuge, Sherriff Ward, and Judge Gratsy, you may wonder who really has the power in the town?  You will see news post from the sheriff’s department about this thing or that, and then you will see where the judge in the county is saying that he will not allow Ammon Bundy or anyone who is committing a crime to hold a public meeting in the town.

Many of the townspeople have said that the judge has threatened them that if they talk to the media, he will do this or that to make their lives miserable.  Restaurant people are saying he has threatened to shut them down if they serve the people at the refuge.  Although I personally have no proof of those claims, I have heard him talk trash about the people at the refuge and demand that they “go home” that the locals want them out of there.  What he doesn’t realize is that “his” town is turning against him and they are talking to what he refers to as the “outsiders” everyday, encouraging them to stay and help them, encouraging them in the processes of getting things back on track for the community and letting it be known that things are worse than the “outsiders” or the rest of the world truly knew before this all started.

You have questionable actions taken by agencies that are supposed to be working for “WE THE PEOPLE”, yet they are stabbing you in the back.  All that legal information will come out soon.  However, one thing that was brought to our attention recently is the Oregon State Constitution which states, ” Now only seven counties, all east of the Cascades, have county judges who retain any judicial authority: Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler (both juvenile and probate jurisdiction); Grant, Harney, and Malheur (probate only); and Morrow (juvenile only).”  http://bluebook.state.or.us/state/judicial/judicial37.htm   This means that as a judge, Steve Gratsy only has authority in Harney County for probates, basically, a glorified paper pusher.  Although he does hold many offices within the county such as Harney County Health Administrator, Harney County Administrator, among others.

The other part of this story is that those “outsiders”, militia, or whatever name you choose to call those at the refuge, they are interested in making sure that the Constitution is followed.  Most people don’t know that the sheriff of the county is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the state.  The sheriff has the authority to tell the FBI, the BLM, and any other federal agency to leave.  That being said, those people at the refuge center are not terrorist, anti-government, or illegal.  They support the Constitution above all else and any law that usurps the Constitution is actually null and void.  There is no law above the Constitution, and it is black and white, it is not negotiable, and no law can change it.



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