LaVoy Finicum autopsy report.

lavoy hand up dont shoot.jpgJust got my hands on the autopsy report for LaVoy performed by the state investigators.  Posting the link here.  Will report more when I get a chance to read all of it, but the first thing I want answered is WHY WOULD THEY HANDCUFF A DEAD MAN?  LaVoy autopsy report



03/14/2016   Update:  Thank you to one of my followers for posting the link below which explains why they would handcuff him.


19 thoughts on “LaVoy Finicum autopsy report.

  1. Thank you ,Sir, for being a truth teller…. I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend… It was truly an over reach by our government…. Things have changed so much since I was a child.. I pray that God will heal your broken heart…


  2. This poor man was out right murdered, apparently the damn government murderers dont care if your hands are up in a surrender position.. This man was shot in the back by the murderous cowards. If they are not brought to justice for this crime, then this country has totally gone to hell, thanks to the traitor in the WH.


  3. You always handcuff or zip tie someone after you shoot them. He was a known fugitive trying to ram a roadblock. Someone like that could have an explosive so restrain their hands while you handle the rest. I’m surprised that’s even a question.


  4. LaVoy was murdered. Murdered by police, and all of the officers there need to be charged with murder or attempted murder along with conspiracy to commit murder. That was all the police and feds wanted that day, was to shut Americans up in they’re protest against the Fed’s.


    • Thank you for the link, I will pass it on. I, like many could not understand why you would handcuff someone who was obviously dead and then to leave the handcuffs on for 2 days until they did the autopsy. Something that you will see if you read the police report is that poor LaVoy laid there until 0100. For those who don’t know military time that is 1 am. Then they took him to the morgue.


  5. Law enforcement officers are, virtually without exception, trained to handcuff or immobilize all suspects as soon as safely possible incident to a lawful arrest, especially one dealing in an assault or use of deadly force situation. Basicly the officers aren’t generally able to conclusively determine a downed suspects state of health. Ive seen downed and presumably deceased suspects snap back to “life” because we ASSUMED they were dead.


  6. He was only the spokes person , and was killed to make a statement by the Feds, I saw the original firsthand cell video when they shot him down . It pisses you off enough to start a revolution for sure to take back this country once and for all to where it should be. Life , liberty and the unifringed pursuit of happiness


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