LaVoy Finicum police report.

Update:  Recently a new piece of evidence came out in which it showed that the mortician was not called until shortly after 3 am.  That document can be found here.


The police report from the shooting of LaVoy Finicum was released on 03/09/2016, and my first instinct was to read it thoroughly and make notes of issues that appeared before I rushed to post it.  I can tell you that I was amazed at the contradictions between what one officer told and what another told.  The one thing that truly would piss off any American is to know that LaVoy laid there after being shot until 1 am according to the police report published on the Oregon Live website.

Then on one of the interviews the OSP agent was talking about how he was watching LaVoy and could see that he was having trouble walking in the snow and had his hands up until the time he started stumbling.  Then in an interview the agent stated that when he came up and saw LaVoy laying there, already shot, he asked the FBI agent the status of LaVoy and he informed him, “Down hard” meaning he had been shot.  He also noted that LaVoy was holding a piece of white paper in his right hand…the hand he was supposedly reaching for the gun with.

Then you also have an agent who is reporting that he heard and FBI agent yelling, “He’s shooting, he’s shooting”, yet he didn’t hear any gun fire at that time.  You will also read how during the briefing before the planned attack that was suppose to take place the Friday before the shooting, that the OSP agents were told time and time again that the patriots were threatening, etc., none of which matters.  The fact is that you can not go by what the person has been saying or doing in the past.  At the time of the incident he had gotten out of the truck with his hands up, at that time, all past incidents are null and void.  Then they proceeded to shoot AT him, hoping he would flinch and grab his gun, but he didn’t.  If he didn’t pull a gun they had no business shooting him, not even once, much less 4 times.  Three actually went into the body and then “supposedly” a bullet mushroomed, and fell out when they rolled him over.

Another thing I noticed was that Mark McConnell, who drove the jeep and owns the jeep (note that the police report says it is associated with Ryan though and they dont’ give the VIN on it, but they do on LaVoy’s truck), was NEVER mentioned by name.  Bear in mind that the other people arrested were named in the report by name, except for Victoria Sharp who is referred to as juvenile female, but McConnell is not mentioned as being arrested.  Even Victoria was reported as having been arrested!  During the interviews they did refer to Mark McConnell as Mr. Cavalier, which is Buddha Bears real name.  Never did they refer to any of the other people as Mr. or Mrs. or Ms.

It is no wonder that some people think that Mark McConnell is the undercover that was reporting back to the FBI all the activity going on that wasn’t already seen on the Pete Santilli Show.  We will see what happens when the truth of all this comes out, and for now I will reserve my opinion until I get further confirmation one way or the other.

So here is the police report and I suggest you read it very carefully and make your own notes and judgment as to what really happened.


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