Did the UN and the Obama Administration kill LaVoy?


If you look at the article I put out a couple of days ago you will read where Officer 1 is making the statement that they changed their location to Harney County from Grant County because they all knew that Grant County is UN FREE ZONE. So that got me to thinking and all of a sudden a light went off. If you remember back on Sept. 29, 2015, Loretta Lynch stood before the UN and made the announcement of the “Strong Cities Network”. In her own words she explained, “…we have continued to see violent extremists emerge from within our own communities – from terrorists inspired by groups like ISIL to fanatics motivated by hatred against religious or ethnic factions.  Some aspire to travel overseas to train or to fight.  Others plot attacks on targets within their homelands.  But all are antithetical to the shared vision and common cause that joins us here today in this renowned international forum: commitment to collaboration; dedication to peace; and devotion to the cause of justice within our nations and throughout the world.” “As residents and experts in their communities, local leaders are often best positioned to pinpoint sources of unrest and discord; best equipped to identify signs of potential danger; and best able to recognize and accommodate community cultures, traditions, sensitivities and customs.  By creating a series of partnerships that draws on the knowledge and expertise of our local officials, we can create a more effective response to this virulent threat. “ [1]


Did we just see this take place on that back country highway 395 between Burns, Oregon and John Day? Was it for sure the FBI that did the “takedown”, as they said themselves, of LaVoy and the leaders of the protest at the Malheur Refuge?

UN free zone [2] is a website that explains exactly how the UN plans on taking over the United States and there are many of their agenda items that have already came into play such as taking over National Parks and making them part of the World Heritage Site and limiting access for humans. Such as

Natural (12)


So, what exactly is the “Strong Cities Network”? It is a world program created by the United Nations so that they can control the police forces and thus the people of the world.


“New York

29-30 September 2015

“Global Launch, United Nations

The Strong Cities Network has launched on 29 September in New York on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Welcoming remarks were offered by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who also introduced a Keynote address by U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.

The launch of the Strong Cities Network was followed by the first Steering Committee Meeting on 30 September, which convened Mayors and local government leaders from 25 cities across the globe, leading efforts to challenge violent extremism and who will actively drive the international agenda of the Strong Cities Network. “ [4]

So who exactly are the “terrorist” that they are trying to control? Well, according the Southern Poverty Law Center, those on the “list” of terrorist, “The SPLC is the premiere U.S. organization monitoring the activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists – including the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazi movement, neo-Confederates, racist skinheads, black separatists, antigovernment militias, Christian Identity adherents and others.” “Our work fighting hate and extremism began in the early 1980s, amid a resurgence of Klan violence that began several years after the end of the civil rights movement. Each year since 1990, we have released an annual census of U.S. hate groups. In the mid-1990s, we also began documenting the number of radical, antigovernment militias and other organizations that comprise the far-right “Patriot” movement.” [5] Which falls right into the narrative that officials within the state of Oregon used every time they referred to those who were peacefully protesting at the refuge. They were called “domestic terrorist”, militants, and portrayed as crazy, gun toting people who were following people, as Judge Grasty and Sheriff Ward tried to make people think.  “Since those occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge came to town, there has been an increase in the number of “vandalism, harassment and intimidation reports,” Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward said.” [6] What they don’t want you to know is that the Fire Chief Chris Briels discovered that those dressed like militia and lurking around town were in fact not militia, but undercover FBI agents. “….a friend suggested he investigate strangers assumed to be militiamen near a vacant National Guard armory. “ “The people he found at the armory drove off in three vehicles, one of which he followed to a nearby McDonald’s. Two men in the black SUV identified themselves as businessmen named “Chuck” and “Mike” who were looking to open shop in the town, an explanation Briels refused to accept.

Briels called local authorities, who he says arrived later to the scene. A sheriff’s deputy, he says, took a phone call and then explained the men were undercover FBI agents. “ [7] I wonder if they were in reality UN troops with the FBI agents.

The Obama administration officials have started their “Community Policing Tour” which Loretta Lynch has been quoted as saying, “I understand on a fundamental level how important it is to form strong relationships between law enforcement officials and the communities they serve.” “In the second phase of the Community Policing Tour, the Attorney General will visit six jurisdictions that are effectively implementing recommendations from the 21st Century Policing Task Force Report.  These recommendations are organized around six main topic areas or “pillars:” Building Trust and Legitimacy, Policy and Oversight, Technology and Social Media, Commu­nity Policing and Crime Reduction, Officer Training and Education, and Officer Safety and Wellness. “ Loretta Lynch was in Portland, Oregon, March 2-3, 2016, to share “21st Century Policing Task Force Report Pillar 4:  Community Policing and Crime Reduction[8] Another very important link regard this that you should read is, “The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Implementation Guide.” [9]

KrisAnne Hall said in this video that it would take effect in the Spring of 2016. “Yesterday, Loretta Lynch announced before the United Nations that the Attorney General’s Office, in collaboration with several US Cities will for a global law enforcement initiative called the Strong Cities Network. This is the implementation of UN rules and laws on US soil bypassing Congress and circumventing the Constitution.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhuhHK2LAYg&feature=youtu.be

Then you have this video that was made viral when it came out, in which the member of the Spokane County Sheriff’s department said that the need for an MRAP would be for the “Constitutionalist”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOWdRBb2MMo A Constitutionalist by definition is


“[kon-sti-too-shuh-nl-ist, -tyoo-]



an adherent or advocate of constitutionalism or of an existing constitution.


an expert on a political constitution. “ [10]


In other words, they are preparing to “take down” anyone who wants the Constitution to be followed. Think about that for a minute. So the question has now become, was it in fact UNITED NATIONS troops that took out LaVoy. Is it possible that those that Constitutional Judge, Gary Darby thought were Blackstone mercenaries in Burns were actually UN troops? [11]

[1] Strong Cities Network speech by Loretta Lynch at the UN, Para. 3 and 4 of speech, https://www.justice.gov/opa/speech/attorney-general-loretta-e-lynch-announces-launch-strong-cities-network-united-nations


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